I think I might try NaNo again this year. IF I manage to plan my story beforehand. And IF I don't let work swallow me again. We'll see :)

In other news... there's no news xD Still the same job, still the same life... but I think I miss seeing new faces everyday. I've been getting restless for a while now, and I think I know what the problem is: in a year, nothing happened.
Pondering inside )
Anyone here planning to watch Flashforward? It's supposed to air later this month but the pilot's already out there, if you know where to look.

I watched it, looks interesting enough. The premise certainly is, I just hope they won't fall down the road of clichés and predictability, which is always a risk when you're dealing with this kind of story. Apparently it's based on a book?

Plus, there are lots of British people in it ;) (and Jack Davenport, woot!)
Dreams : the only place you'll ever find Alex Drake, Gene Hunt and Arthur Layton from Ashes to Ashes, Ishida from Bleach and zombie creatures all together in the same story.

Oh, Brain. Sometimes I wish you would give it a rest.

Last week I also found a wonderful gift for my father (I'll give it to him later today) --> this T-shirt. He's a big, BIG western fan, so I think it's a safe bet to say he'll love it ;)
Congrats to Philip Glenister and the A2A cast for winning two awards last night! (Best Actor and Best Drama).

Keeley still gets no love, boo.


Just so you know, this is not a spoiler! If you ever see me squee or flail or do such other fannish things in the coming months, rest assured that it'll be safe to read because I swear I'm going to stay spoiler-free for this series! Which means staying the hell away from TRA because some people over there don't know the meaning of spoiler warnings. The only thing I'm willing to read is Ian's blog, and that's it, because that guy knows the meaning of teasing vs. spoiling and I trust him not to post a big "AND I SAW KEELEY FILMING HER DEATH SCENE AND SHE WAS ON A SPACE STATION AND JOHN SIMM WAS THERE TOO LOL". Or something.

Which leads me to this : SPOIL ME AND DIE. Seriously. I won't be responsible for your spontaneously combusting if you happen to spoil me on series 3.

There, you've been warned ;)

And I'm going to Paris on Saturday to see my grandmother, who's still in hospital. When they tried to remove her breast tumor she had another pulmonary embolism so the doctors had to stop the operation; they managed to remove the tumor but couldn't take a look at the lymph nodes. We don't know how long she'll last, she seems to be stable, but could be months, could be years, or could be weeks. I haven't seen her in a long time, I think it's time I did...
I just pre-ordered a PS3 Slim.

What have I done? I need my money for... other stuff! Like my driver's licence, or that bank-account-swallowing orthodontics thing, or, y'know, TAXES. But I've been waiting for a price drop since it first came out!

Clearly, my priorities are skewed. I can't resist new shiny stuff *ogles that BSG boxset with the Cylon figure*
After something like four years, I finally changed my layout. Phew! It's still all a bit temporary (header included), I haven't really tweaked it yet - will do later. Work first!

What's become very apparent, however, is that my tags are er... less than consistent. I sense a tedious task ahead...

It's still impossibly hot here. Well, hot for us anyway ;) Between 35C/40C (95F/104F), I'd say. No A/C makes everyting very sticky. Including myself. I think I'd die without that blessed fan blowing air directly into my face.

Back to work now!
There, I've watched all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica.

How did I not watch this before?? *buys boxset* I'm not completely sold on the whole religious aspect of the last season, but still. Wow.
Alright. *cough* I may have become addicted to Battlestar Galactica. I'm at episode 1x05 and I just can't stop watching. Which is strange, because I really, really couldn't get into the miniseries or 1x01 and literaly had to force myself to start episode 2. And now, woot! I'm loving it.


*pokes the d/l to make it go faster*
It's trailer week, it seems.

Smallville trailer.

Doctor Who trailer.

Doctor Who finale trailer.

I think I died.


(RL is still not being fun. And it appears there's only one person I can count on after all. *shrugs*)
Happy National Day! \o/ For some reason, the Marseillaise still manages to bring tears to my eyes, I don't know why. I'm not even patriotic!

And the parachutists were awesome.
LOLtastic Torchwood fact :

The Jack musical action theme, otherwise known as "Here he comes in a ruddy great tractor" (for explanation, see DVD extras, season 1 I think), appears in Children of Earth.

The title of the track on the CoE soundtrack is "Tractor attack".

It plays during that scene with the tractor.

I LOL'ed so hard.
*sigh* I really am getting old. It was a friend's 25th birthday today; there were 8 of us, we went out, ate crepes (yum), played pool, and apparently everyone's goal was to get as drunk as possible, and I just... couldn't. There was a time when I was happy to get drunk, albeit not so drunk as to be sick (I came close to it once, and decided never again), but now I just can't enjoy it anymore. A few drinks, sure, I'm usually quite reserved and alcohol makes me more talkative so why not. But being pissed, no.

I don't know. They seemed to think that being 25 was such a special occasion that you had to get pissed because lulz and OMG 25, you know, and I kept thinking that I would rather celebrate the occasion by hanging around with people who don't become clingy or depressed or have sudden mood swings. I love my friends but seriously, when they're drunk they're really annoying.

So yeah, I chickened out and left early (2 a.m. actually, which is fairly early for them I think) but I didn't want to go back to the flat to just ingest alcohol.

So yeah. I kinda felt old tonight.
I think I might just have exploded. And imploded, possibly.

How the hell are they going to end this now?
Dear French Post :

If you lost my returned Jacket™, there'll be deaths. Two weeks and it doesn't seem to have been delivered when I expressly paid so that it was supposed to be within four days? Fuck it. If it's been nabbed, which wouldn't surprise me at all considering our post's record, I'm going to be very very angry. I'm waiting to hear from Wested, hopefully it'll just have been a very unfortunate mishap with the acknowledgment of delivery system.

*is not happy*
You know, I think one Torchwood a day is, in a way, worse than one a week. COZ IT'S THERE BUT NOT QUITE AND IT'S SO CLOSE BUT NOT, AND ARGH ARE WE TOMORROW YET?

I'm enjoying this series way too much.


HEEEEE. Goosebumps and all.
Woken up by seagulls going wild at 4 am... Gah. Not the best alarm sound out there. (I guess fishermen were heading out or something)

I've also spent a whole day reading A2A fic on ff.net. Sorry [personal profile] ohvienna, but I couldn't bring myself to read really bad fic. I did find some that seemed alright for a few paragraphs, and then *bam* descended into OOC territory. Such a shame when the writing style is good.

(I was also amazed by the sheer number of Gene/Alex fics - I didn't know it was so widly popular and, by the way, I still hate the "Galex" name and think it should BURNBURNBURN)

And this morning I went to see another orthodontist (had already seen one last month because I'm tired of my teeth being all over the place in my lower jaw and because the bruxism is getting annoying) to get another opinion, and was astonished to learn that this one estimates the total cost of the treatment to be around 2900 € (compared to 4600 € for the first orthodontist) and the length of it at around 3-4 semesters (4-5 for the other orthodontist). Wow. That's a 1700 € difference, which is GINORMOUS OMG. On the other hand, I have no idea if he's a good orthodontist or not, so I'll have to check that out.

Now, work. *cracks knuckles*