Holy cow! I saw this French person on TV, she looks so much like Keeley Hawes it's scary. Same facial structure, same hairstyle Keeley once had, same smile, when they showed her from afar I really did a double take. Wow. I didn't catch her name, unfortunately. Still. Look-alikes, heeee!
The Darker Than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini OST is out!

Oh yeah, definitely getting vibes of Hellsing there, especially with some tunes. The soft piano piece from episode... 4? is gorgeous, the soft and mournful voice of the singer gives me chills every time. Overall the soundtrack is pretty good, even though I think it stands better on its own and was maybe a bit too flamboyant for the anime. But that could be because I was so used to Yoko Kanno's subtlety and recurring motifs. I kinda missed her music.

I'm a bit disappointed that the new tracks from the very last episode didn't make it, though. Those were really good, it's such a shame not to have them on the OST...

I still haven't forgiven the anime for the mess it made of the ending, by the way. I don't care if the upcoming OVAs are supposed to clear things out, because this just reeks of marketing ploy and you should never have to buy extras in order to understand the plot of the main story. Too many deus ex machinas, too many things left open to interpretation... To me, it was just lazy. But then again, YMMV.
Guys, guys! So you've watched Shining and Mary Poppins and think you understood what those two movies were about? Think again.

Shining is actually a romantic comedy and Mary Poppins, a horror film.

Heeee. Thank you, TVtropes.
Just watched Catherine Tate's Nan's Christmas Carol. Bwah! Makes me want to watch her show all over again :)

(also, David Tennant WTF? XD)
Well. That was interesting. All I have to say for now is bring on next week, I want to see how this ends!

That, and I feel like gushing about certain actors, which I thought were terrific tonight. One especially blew me with his performance, and I'm not talking about David Tennant :)
My thoughts, very succinctly :


A2A's latest mindscrew does not even compare to this. I'll be in a corner rocking back and forth, now.
My computer screen died. For now I'm using a replacement: going from a flat 22" screen to an old 17" cathodic one is... well, interesting. It doesn't even fit on my desk properly so I have to be sideways to use it *headdesk*

Right, well, time to buy a new one, I guess. That's the second unexpected expense this month *sigh*
Voice actors (amongst others) for Mass Effect 2:

Martin Sheen, Yvonne Strahovsk, Seth Green, Keith David, Tricia Helfer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Michael Hogan, Adam Baldwin, Michael Dorn.

I'm in nerd heaven.

(oh, and the Geth better not turn out to be Cylons! XD )
Ah? It seems to be that "Ghost in the Shell time of the year" yet again. As if I needed to marathon another series right now... And Darker than BLACK has gotten ten times better with the latest episode. Woot!

IRL news, burying a little girl was not very fun, and I'm not looking forward to doing that ever again. And that's it, really. Now I'm going to bed, because I feel like I haven't slept in three days. Which is almost true.
Oh, shipping wars in the Darker Than BLACK fandom? Could it be? Well, for now it's more "animated" debates, I hope it won't escalate into flames. Not that I haven't seen some character bashing already, mind you. Anyway, I suppose I don't really count since I seem to find myself in the minority of Hei/Misaki shippers. And I also guess I'll be staying away from some places, because I can't stand that obnoxious attitude of dancing around and gloating and shoving fangirly screams of "CANONZ LOL [insert some big ass smiley]" in other people's face. Because obviously if your opinion/taste differs from the majority, dude you are so wrong what are you thinking, and oh let's prove to you how wrong you are shall we?

Ugh. I'll be staying in my nice little corner of the Web, thank you very much.

Still on the subject of DtB, I liked episode 6. And I really liked the music, especially in the first part of the episode, I thought it was really good. I still miss the thematic elements that were (/are) so peculiar to Yoko Kanno's music, but overall I'm vey happy with this season's soundtrack. And ooh, the plot thickens!

Oh, and I finished Dragon Age! I still maintain that Morrigan is my favourite character. And the voice acting is spectacular, not just for Morrigan but for everyone. That, and the writing is excellent. Very immersive, very clever (and witty!) and often very moving. More than once I found myself getting a bit choked up at what was happening. This game ♥ (and its music OMG!)
I love Bioware. The humour in their games is just golden.

By the way, if I'm not giving any news it's because I don't have any social life right now: I'm either working or playing Dragon Age: Origins... Mostly working these past few days, though. I'm beginning to feel the lack of sleep.

Also, I need to make icons of Morrigan. Yes.

And now, back to work.
I got chills.


Also, I can really recognize the composer's music, sounds very similar to what he did on Hellsing. Love it! It evoked all the right moods at the right moments. That piano piece at approximately 1/3 the episode was especially beautiful, and it made me smile that Kouji Ishii still seems to be using the same singer :) Love his voice (or is that himself singing?)
Has anyone seen the "spoilery" A2A pictures that have just surfaced? Are they really that spoilery? I've been OK with looking at pictures so far because it's not like they're detailed spoiler reports, but maybe it's time to stop now. I don't want to spoil myself re: plot things.

Last night the wind was so loud that it kept waking me up. It's really been a while since we've had such a strong wind. Unfortunately the only good thing that comes out of it is that the sea is beautiful because it's all agitated and the waves are really impressive, otherwise it's really, really bothersome (especially when it rains, as it makes umbrellas useless ^^)
Oh yeah, the Blu-Ray rips of the Darker than BLACK soundtrack are out! Unreleased music FTW! Well, we wouldn't have a need for unreleased music if Yoko Kanno didn't have an habit of not releasing the good stuff... which is very frustrating when you're a fan.

The work that was swallowing my life is done! Now, onto other work! And NaNo stuff. I fear I may not be able to write as I originally planned, but well, I'll do my best. And I'm behind on TV shows, I need to catch up.

Also, it's cold! FINALLY! I can finally put leather jackets on! ^^ I love leather. It smells good, it keeps you warm... Leather <3
I just discovered a mark on my forehead. Huh? It's like I've been scratched by a cat, only I don't remember being scratched right there O_o It feels recent, too. WTH? Do my cats attack my face while I'm sleeping? XD

Oh wait! I know! Boxing gloves on Friday! A seam must have grazed me. Well, there you go.
Saw District 9 yesterday! Well, I liked it very much. I'm not going to spoil the movie by talking about it, but I liked how different it was. It was refreshing.

I also spent the whole day with a friend I hadn't seen since April, I was so happy to see her! And she and her boyfriend are having their housewarming in two weeks, yay! Have to think of a gift, now. Mmmh...

The big news is that I'm going to be baby-sitting. Me. Baby-sitting... sitting... ing... ing. Well, no, not really, I'm mostly going to be there just in case anything happens. Apparently the kids go to bed very early so I don't think I'll be seeing them too much. Still, I'm not very comfortable around children, so I hope I won't end up doing anything stupid -_-
Smallville, you're back! ♥

Nice, nice, NICE season premiere. And great performances all around :)